Landing Pages

Landing pages are a unique challenge. It’s important to focus in on the brand’s image and generate excitement… all without taking too many words.

Every sentence counts.

Nerdtistic Park

A small, family-owned operation, Nerdtistic Park specializes in handmade clothing and home goods… all with a nerdy twist. This was very fun copy to work on. I needed to highlight both their charity partnerships and unique product lines.

Parrotfish Adventures

Parrotfish Adventures is my personal travel brand. I bring my viewers on trips with me through photography and blogs. The website is dedicated to providing resources and tips to travel on a budget.

Seaside View

Seaside View is a hypothetical seaside restaurant situated on the English coast. Known for their shellfish, Seaside View is a small family-run business, much beloved by the locals.

Are you ready for your website to shine?

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