Science Tech Copy

Science jargon and research can get very complicated very quickly. It is difficult to convey the importance of concepts to stakeholders, from the voting public to investors. That’s where I come in. I have over ten years experience writing and presenting science concepts and research to audiences from the age 5 to 75! You want people to engage with your research? I make it happen.

Personal Research

I conducted research on the California Market Squid in the Monterey Bay.

Henry, T. Moore, S. Effects of Hypoxic Conditions on California Market Squid (Doryteuthus opalescens). Presented at: California State University, Monterey Bay Biology Capstone Festival; May 17, 2012; Monterey, CA.

Wysiwyg Visions

For the past ten years, I’ve written and implemented science curriculum for conventions, libraries and schools. I used pop culture to explain science concepts.

Three of my most popular classes are:

The Science of Jurassic ParkEcology of Tales of the AbyssScience of Voltron: Cloning

Classroom Curriculum

I use the skills from classroom experience and my Masters in Curriculum Development and STEAM to write science curriculum. My specialty is in science curriculum for all ages, but I have also written math and history curriculum, too.

Let’s build something together.

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